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The Victims Fund

The Origins of The Victims Fund

The harsh reality of road accidents sinks in as soon as you hit the brakes and quickly realize that it is bound to happen -- and there is no way to reverse it. Whether you are the victim or the one who hit another driver, the physical, mental, and emotional fatigue is traumatizing. Road accidents do affect not only the victim themselves but also their loved ones. 

According to Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 1.35 million people perish in car accidents annually. Furthermore, approximately 3,700 people will pass away every single day on the roads. The truth here is even if you are taking care of yourself and being alert all the time, the other drivers might be careless. Because of this, The Victims Fund is here to help you physically, mentally, and financially after such road accidents to help you move on with your life after such a crisis.

How The Victims Fund Helps

An accident is something that we cannot foresee or predict. Even if you are cautious, you could never tell when one may occur. The Victims Fund is there to guide you through the journey of recovery. 

When someone is injured in an accident and they cannot afford their medical expenses, the Victims Fund could help. In addition, funeral expenses may also be covered for people who have lost a family member in the accident. Anyone who has been injured in a motor accident and is not at fault can request help and receive a free consultation. The main mission is to help and give support to those who are in need. 

The Story behind The Victims Fund

There are countless stories of motor-related accidents ruining people’s lives. Many low-income families lose their savings following an accident, and as a result, many often reach the brink of bankruptcy.

Each such story has inspired Eliot Houman and Omid Dayan (the co-founders of The Accident Guys) to create The Victims Fund. This is a non-profit organization that aims to help individuals and families, who have been a victim of road accidents. There were too many stories to tell, too many lives that reached their downfall before now. However, today The Victims Fund aims to create solutions and legal assistance. 

As the President and the CEO of the non-profit, Elliot and Omid continue to help, people recover from the trauma and loss that road accidents bring. Expanding the continuous help of The Victims Fund, CFO Navid Barkhodar, Secretary David Tehrani, and the Vice-President, Dr. Pouyan Famini, are on board as one team that will continue to enrich people’s lives through their recovery.

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